Ein Ökologisches Projekt mit Kunst, Natur und Spiritualität

An ecological project with Art, Nature and Spirituality

Un progetto ecologico con Arte, Natura e Spiritualità

das aus der Notwendigkeit der Zeit als erlebbares Beispiel für eine zukünftige Kultur gedacht ist

Casa artistica di Barbara is located in a forest clearing above Lundo (1000 metres above sea level). This region in the forest is also called Naone, opposite there are the Brenta Dolomites and the well-known Adamello Group, a granite mountain range. In 2020, the remains of an ancient ruin standing there were rebuilt in the clearing.The Casa artistica di Barbara is now used as a seminar house and meditation place; its spacious meadow plot offers ideal opportunities for quiet, concentrated work in nature.

The house can be visited daily and it is possible to get to know the ecological project that has been realised there. It cannot be reached directly by car but is a 30-minute walk from Lundo (Frazione di Comano Terme).

Visiting hours: Mon-Sun daily 10:00 – 18:00

Many elements of artistic gardening design are integrated into the property. Squares, paths, water basins and small walls were built from different types of stone and the plot was designed according to artistic and spiritual criteria. Particular care was taken to enrich and expand nature through the design.

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