Ein Ökologisches Projekt mit Kunst, Natur und Spiritualität

An ecological project with Art, Nature and Spirituality

Un progetto ecologico con Arte, Natura e Spiritualità

das aus der Notwendigkeit der Zeit als erlebbares Beispiel für eine zukünftige Kultur gedacht ist

The project idea

This project was created in response to the frequent exclusions of the spiritual teacher Heinz Grill, who develops inspiring and forward-looking thoughts for culture. Precisely because people like Heinz Grill are often marginalised and excluded today and public dialogue is made more difficult, the possibility of cooperation, meetings and cross-fertilisation among people should take place here.

New perspectives can develop in conversations, human potential is to be expanded. It is not about consumption, it is not about “preserving” something but about each individual being able to release something for a greater whole. Humans as creators can uplift nature, culture, promote and even create new forces. The word ecology is derived from the Greek word oĩkos, meaning stewardship, and the word part “logie”, which can be translated as “basic principles”. The basic principles of housekeeping, of dealing with the environment, is to be understood in this sense as a creative principle.

Creations as well as the perception and observation of nature have a “creating” character. By consciously perceiving nature, the mood of nature, light, plants, animals and stones, people give consciousness to a thing. One develops a sense for the beauty of a thing and thereby develops a deep and living relationship with one’s surroundings. A person who develops his or her own relationships is alive in a relationship with the world.

The high place, Casa di Barbara, is situated in a clearing in the woods without radiation and is very well suited for experiencing and creating close to nature. In connection with e.g. the yoga asana and the text work from the training path of Heinz Grill, it is an ideal place to create new perspectives on life. It is possible to stay for a few days or weeks and participate in the project itself. Everyday life should be reanimated with the new impressions and experiences from it.

The spiritual interaction of man and nature was implemented here for the first time on a larger area.

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