Ein Ökologisches Projekt mit Kunst, Natur und Spiritualität

An ecological project with Art, Nature and Spirituality

Un progetto ecologico con Arte, Natura e Spiritualità

das aus der Notwendigkeit der Zeit als erlebbares Beispiel für eine zukünftige Kultur gedacht ist

An Ecological Project Based on spiritual Ideas

Naone is a pilot project in which ecology is seen in a new and far reaching way .It is a place of creation where various meditation places, a stream with a basin, a circular path made of stone have been created and new ideas are constantly being developed and realised. The 20,000 m² site offers space for many different creations.

People shape their environment. The ecological project in Naone is a collaboration of very different people, agricultural ideas, work with wood, artistic garden design, the promotion of flora and fauna are implemented independently. Spiritual-scientific ideas of the spiritual teacher Heinz Grill are worked out individually in diverse areas and further developed and explored in cooperation with him. Questions such as : How can man create new life forces (etheric forces) through creation and how can he work and live together with nature in a constructive way? – are dealt with in this project.

The house is independent due to its own electricity and water supply. There is no internet connection. It supplies itself with water from its own source, the electricity is drawn from a photovoltaic system, it is heated with wood and electricity and vegetables are grown on the property. Nevertheless, it is not a kind of “retreat” but is intended to address the human being in his or her culture-creating, creative possibilities.

Stacked hazel woods drying for the winter
Black, red and white radishes grow in the vegetable garden, as do carrots.
There are solar panels on the south roof

The individual projects are created through the cooperation of several people, whereby encounter, relationship, perception and the promotion of the whole are given first priority.

Work such as scything, raking, path maintenance or gardening is done every day. Through conscious perception and attentive work, the human being is always in a new relationship with his environment. He experiences himself as active within a whole.

The idea of the sun oasis

Heinz Grill works as a writer and spiritual teacher in Italy. In one of his articles he describes the idea of the so-called sun oasis. He describes this sun oasis as a place that lives through the individual creative person who realises and radiates an idea for a greater whole. Heinz Grill describes spirituality as the creative, spiritual capacity of the individual human being. According to his philosophy, spirituality is connected with the free, independent and creative human being who gives something for a greater whole. The Sun Oasis is therefore not bound to a specific place but is represented independently by individual people.

Heinz Grill (right) in interview with Martin Sinzinger (left)

“The human being today is called upon to perform the question of meaning to the fullest extent in himself spiritually and psycho-physically. He must courageously begin the question of meaning. In this way he must transcend himself in his consumer behaviour and take spirituality as a beautiful possibility – because spirituality is something that begins in the free movement of thought. Thought is sunny in this sense.”

” Heinz Grill in conversation with Martin Sinzinger, 22.6.2021, “Sun Oasis Naone”.

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