Ein Ökologisches Projekt mit Kunst, Natur und Spiritualität

An ecological project with Art, Nature and Spirituality

Un progetto ecologico con Arte, Natura e Spiritualità

das aus der Notwendigkeit der Zeit als erlebbares Beispiel für eine zukünftige Kultur gedacht ist

Agriculture – fieldwork and woodwork

The field maintenance and the small vegetable field

The 20,000 m² plot consists mainly of a large meadow and a smaller wooded area. The meadow and a small field on it are managed by a biodynamic former farmer and former company manager.

On the meadow there is also a small vegetable field where mainly black radish and other radish varieties are grown. Black radish thrives particularly well at this altitude and is a particularly fortifying food.

The meadow is mown several times a year, but not in the whole area but only in parts. This way, flowers and habitats for insects and animals always remain present.

Habitats for animals and plants are to be promoted. The Garda Lake area is basically known for its great diversity of plants. Many very rare flowers and plants are native there. The property has dry, wet, shady and sunny areas. In the different areas, some plants from the surrounding area have been cultivated and maintained on the property.

The gentian, the columbine and wild lilies such as the Turk’s cap lily and the fire lily, for example, are native to the Naone area.

The woodwork

Working with wood is another area of expertise on the property. We are already making provisions for the winter, because the house is mainly heated with wood. For this, trees are partly cut, partly storm wood lying around is collected in the forest. A lot of wood has been produced by cutting down the hazel bushes at the edge of the property, which is now being sawn and dried. (see picture).

The woodworking area is located at the lower edge of the property.

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